Heroes of Atlantis is the first true MMORPG for your mobile phone. Clan wars, dungeons full of treasures, combats with terrible monsters and piles of artifacts, battles with real enemies; all that now in your mobile.

The enormous world of adventure.

Different game modes.

World of battles and dangers.

Wide choice of equipment.

Create and manage a guild.

Numbers of players. Communicate, gather friends into your clan and capture territories.

Game's Features

  • «HofA» - true role-playing game (MMORPG) for mobile phone.
  • The Unique Battle System.
  • The Unique System of Spells.
  • The Roaring Trade System.
  • The Unique Battle Mods.
  • The Opportunity to Train Own Combative Pet.

0 Heroes battle at present for destiny of Hofa. Create the hero and enter bloody fights!

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