Attacks the territories

Descriptions: Once a day since 16:00 some «Territories» attacked by the Sea People. Territories selected in a random way in quantity, according to a formula:
total number of territories / 5

Attack carried out in one wave. Once first wave is beaten off – then next attack to this territory (only) comes with second wave etc. until players beat off the last wave or until they get the territory lost. After one of these two events the counter of waves for the particular territory is nulled and makes a fresh start. Total of waves – 18. Just one but strong enemy is in every sixth wave. Complexity of waves grows up from time to time, but it isn't a problem for skilled clan. It does not matter for the Enemy who exactly owns the territory at the moment and the counter of waves for each territory can grow even if it was handed over from one guild to another. Enemies will be more stronger if more stronger guild owns the territory.

To all the defenders of territory from the attacks of monsters, the rank experience which is equal to the current wave of attacks will be accrued.

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