Fights of pets

Descriptions of game mode :

Mode «Fights of pets» (Adventures - Fights of pets) - it's a game mode, which allow to assign the pet on fight with the pet of other player. The enemy is chosen randomly among pets +- 2 levels from level of the pet (not player!) from others made a similar rate. The selection occurs each 5 minutes, if pet didn’t found by the time expired - the player will wait until suitable opponent is chosen. The player can take off request any time before the fight starts, thus a rate comes back. The game mode is available for players from the 16th level.


Battle of pets without players’ participation - they can't beat and use spheres or idols. You have to damage other way. Players can treat the pet during the battle by specialized potions (a vaccine, panacea etc) All auras of the player influence on pets during fight

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