Dilapidation of Clan's researches

Kinds of researches

The most of researches of clan have durability, exceptions are only:

  • secret place
  • warehouse
  • public House

There is 2 kinds of researches: fighting and non-battle. Battle such as:
Barrier , Spire , Cover, Shaker.
Non-battle: Headquarters, Look-out post, Powder Grinder.

Dilapidation of researches

Durability is subtract after involvement of guild in battle with other guild or if aggression of monsters on it

Dilapidation calculates so:

  • For the attacking side: = 1 * Х, где Х = number of killed сlan player in battle (mercenaries and pets aren't considered)
  • For the protecting side = 30, only in case of defeat.

There is dilapidation from the following researches:

  • For the attacking side: one random "fighting" buildings
  • For the protecting side: one random any building

In other words,the attacking side - always will lose durability of "fighting" buildings for each your killed, but protecting side - only if loses battle, will lose the fixed quantity of durability from any building.

Durability reduces from one research for one battle, but can reduce with different as a result of several battles.

If the research is well-worn to 0 durabilities , it isn't destroyed. Therefore the сlan can repair it and mustn't buy it again.

Breakage of researches

If any researches is well-worn in whole or partly then the clan can't improve this research until it won't be repaired

if durability of a research is reduced to zero, then won't function::

  • Headquarters - there isn't opportunity to accept new players in clan.
  • Look-out post -there isn't opportunity to capture new sectors.
  • Powder Grinder - there isn't opportunity to produce gunpowder.
  • "Fighting" researches - don't take part in fights.

Repair of researches

Repair can be made only by the head of guild or his advisor (who has rights "Research") in guild .

The price of repair calculates from percent of loss of durability. For example: if 50% from research's durability, then repair costs = 50% from the price of a complete repair.

Repair can be made by gold + stones, or by pearls, You have choice

  • The sizes of durability are universal for all researches.
  • Level Durability
    01. 16500
    02. 15000
    03. 13500
    04. 12000
    05. 10500
    06. 9000
    07. 7500
    08. 6000
    09. 4500
    10+ 3000
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