The player who dies or runs away from any mode of game, that's why player has a trauma. It's temporary negative effect.

Principle of work with traumas
  • Trauma is choose out in a random way
  • Chance of receiving a trauma 1 to 10
  • Sometimes player can not suffer trauma after death
  • It's impossible if the player suffer two traumas of one type
  • The player can suffer 5(max) various traumas
  • You can cure traumas by potions on "belt"
  • The player can look at traumas in character's information - section "effects"
  • Player can see traumas of players as well as you can see their auras

Kind of traumas:
Fracture of hand - Reduces attack -30%
Concussion of the brain - Reduces chance of crit till 0%
Tendon tear - Reduces chance of the block till 0%
Multiple burns - Reduces armor - 30%
Internal bleeding - Reduces life -30%

Effect of traumas about 30 minutes.
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