Battle system

The battle system is very simple and at the same time very interesting. A player does basic inflicting blows by himself, and all depends on patience of player, just causing of damage. The player has its maximum damage specified in the menu «Hero - The character», and as long the player is resting before the strike the more chance to inflict maximum damage. It's similarly possible to influence on the course of events in a fight, using potions and spheres which are studied by a hero, by them it's possible so much to change the course of battle to victory.

Damage depends on the max damage of a hero as a percentage. Something like this:

1 second = miss

2-9 seconds = hit from 15% to 75% of liable damage

10 seconds = 100% of liable damage

Battle interface.

Hit - the default button, which causes damage to the enemy.

Kick sphere - the first and main sphere with which inflicts additional damage to the enemy. Except the hit area, there are other spheres that you can explore and activate the battle, each sphere has its own unique properties and it’s time to reload in combat.

You can equip different potions (drink), which you can get from the Alchemist or receive as a reward for performing tasks and achievements. In combats potions decide the outcome of the battle, as they may increase your hero and restore his life that much important in any battle. If you have a potion, it is important to put them on the belt, to do this go to the menu «Hero – Belt»

Next you can see the current enemy, and the log of battle, where the progress of battle details can see.

Battle progress.

Conventional attacks in battle are applied with the button "hit" and depend on the damage the character and armor.

Elements of log.

- Damage which is underlined in log during the battle indicates that it's somehow reduced by an effect or a sphere. For example: (Bot - 15 )

- Damage which is bold in log during the battle means that it increased by an effect or a sphere or a critical hit. For example: (Bot - 15 )


Outpost will be attacked by such kinds of monsters in turn: meliloter, muraena, armadillo, sea ​​witch, warrior depths, sea ​​prince' (boss), sharker, kele, undine, wave rider, crab rider, siege kraken (boss), sea wanderer, storm warrior, thunder rider, guardian of the depths, guardian of the abyss, lord of the depths (boss).
Every kind of monster gets the unique properties: indestructible, invulnerable, denying, boss.
More You can read about it in Library: Battle System.

The rest of actions take place if to use spheres or potions during the fight.

Icons [description].

- to hit the enemy.

- mean sphere, each sphere has color icons.

- to hit anyone - switch to any other opponent.

- to hit the guard, at the Assault mode immediately switches to the guard.

- to hit in reply, switches on the enemy which causes frequent damage.

- ordinary attack.

- critical hit.

- life recovery.

- no effect of the action.

- death.

- found item.

- bonus from the guard.

- hero was poisoned, he would get damage from poison some time.

- a blow was reflected.

- damage of chaos.

- elements damage.

- protections from elements.

Types of monsters:

There are unique types of monsters In the game that are protected or vulnerable to different type of damage and protection.

- unbreakable (protection against physical damage, is vulnerable by the spheres)

- invulnerable (protection from spheres, vulnerable to physical damage)

- denies (ignores magic spheres imposed on the player itself) - in other words, the monster ignores the spheres of a hero acting directly on the monster (inflicting damage, weaken etc) but the effect of spheres acting on the character (for example, increased player's damage) remains in force. Exceptions are the spheres of thorns and flame, they will inflict damage on monsters because apply to a hero not to a monster.

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