It all began...

This ancient confrontation between two forces that divide Atlantis in a half. Tower ridge was the place of old battlefields that don't cease even for a second. Each side has always strived to gain complete control over all the towers. The more towers controlled the side the faster prana - the energy grows needed to maintain Atlantis world in stability. Each of the parties wants to get it and use for their purposes. As soon as prana reaches its maximum amount the most powerful warrior, winning the most enemies , ancient forces reward him. To retain all ridges under the power didn't turn out long but even if it was succeeded on a short-term ancient forces generously rewarded the winners of a rain of gold.

Mode description:

There are 5 towers at the assault that can hold Atlases and Tectons. The color of the tower depends on the color of your character's race.

Moving between towers can only if there is no battle in the tower, if there is a battle in a tower You must first knock out all enemies and then again to move to another one.

The condition of rewards:

  • In order to receive the reward You must keep first place in ranking (top of participants) before the accumulation of prana reaches 100% amount.
  • To take the first place in ranking You must accumulate the maximum damage.
  • To quickly accumulate prana destroy enemy guards capturing towers and defending Yours.
  • The rating of the hero who got a reward resets after that in Assault. The rest of players keep their rating.
  • If all the towers captured by one race, and hold them for 1 minute, some players will get a reward (P.S. under development).


For each of parties can come help, elite forces, to help in the assault. If quantity of one of sides become much more on other side calls on warriors and help to beat back or take one of towers.

- prana

- count of own forces and enemies and the current tower

- amount of guards life in the current tower

- shows which of the parties belongs the tower

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