It all began...

Either fun or life exigency... The world of Atlantis has been afflicted by flock of dangerous monsters earlier: forests are full of terrible creatures, waters coasts infested with monsters. But when war began nobody didn't have any time and chance to crash them. Creatures have multiplied so much that it seemed soon begin to attack people directly in the cities. Hunting became the craft of choosen daredevils who tries even not to destroy but keep these monsters at an acceptable distance from peaceful inhabitants life.

Mode description:

In the «Hunting» (The Adventures - Hunting), the player lands up alone against crowds of monsters. Traveling through woods and sea spaces of the world a hero needs to kill various creatures during that path. The longer a hero comes the more creatures await for player and the more difficult to stand against them.


The power of monsters depends on Your level and city in this mode. After every 5 waves of monsters the boss strikes at You which stronger than the usual creatures.

Description of waves of hunting


  • fangs
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