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Drop - items or resources that the player gets in the battle for the killed enemy or passed stage one of the modes. To get the drop, must hit a decisive death blow to the enemy or meet the conditions of the regime.

What kind of drop can be:

resources – soul stones, fangs, incense, gold, stones (issinit, lasurite, bagranit).

items - different ammunition, chests with awards.

Where to look (menu "Adventures"):

Arena mode – from 1 killed enemy you can find the soul stone and gold.

Hunting mode - from 1 killed you can find a fang. Also it is probably to find the item or incense.

Assault mode - you can get gold, soul stones, items,coins.

Territory mode - from 1 killed you can find a soul stone and gold.

Outpost mode - possibly to find fangs, incense, and for victory in this mode you can get a chest with awards where you can find the stones.

Dungeons mode - from 1 killed boss you get incense , victory in this mode you can get coins and on hard dungeons gold.

For what gold is needed:

- you can buy new ammunition

- restore life in Tavern

- lay on strength to himself or equipment

- to repair the ammunition

- and much more

Resources are needed for:

- study recipes at Alchemist

- making potions at Alchemist

- kick sphere improvement

- enchantment of items

- for the quests

Stones (blue, lapis lazuli, red) for what are needed:

- for research guild

- to open the chests with awards

- studies the recipes and preparation of potions at Alchemist

The game world is constantly supplemented, so resources are constantly needed to use in different directions.

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