From time to time, from generation to generation retailthe legend of the land of Atlantis. Continent shrouded in mystery and myth, a bastion of unparalleled power and knowledge. Atlantes - an ancient people inhabiting this land devoted himself to gathering knowledge about the world as a whole and reached unprecedented heights in this. They have learned to subjugate all the elements known to them and all the forces that invisibly permeate this world is entering into a powerful scope. Mighty sages and creators - they have built unprecedented ornate city. Atlases crafts attained unprecedented heights and they created ships, able to travel through spaces. They equipped such nine vessels to open and discover new worlds, bringing their knowledge. But the unexpected happened. Centuries later, the ships returned home, but instead of knowledge and stories of new lands brought the crews of their misery and war. Their faces were distorted by darkness and evil thoughts, they did not call themselves Atlantes anymore, they called themselves Tectons – allcognized. Within just a few days, they captured two of the five great cities of Atlantis - Haot and Shadar, approaches to the gates of Harmonium - the great city of Atlantes land. Atlantes have not previously knew war, were forced to direct all their knowledge to warfare step by step, fighting for their land. Thus began a brutal war, a war for Atlantis.

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