Liftoff for the beginner

The first steps in Hofa's world:

1. Tavern. First of all it is necessary to execute a chain of initial tasks in Tavern which will acquaint you with the first steps in game. When you carry out tasks you receive a bonus, after that new tasks will be available.

visit the Tavern

2. Adventures. Purpose of each character : Every player must achieve the high level, receive as much as possible achievements and awards. You can start your way from fighting modes : Hunt, Vicinities, Arena of death, Attack. You can start your way from fighting modes : Hunt, Vicinities, Arena of death, Attack. There is All the modes in «Adventures»

visit the Adventures.

3. Character. Have a look at «Character», where you can find main control of your character . You can see stats of the Character , resources, quantity of experience , etc. As well as in «Character» it's possible to see ammunition, mail, to add friends, to repair subjects and so on.

visit the Character.

4. Resources. There are some main resources In the Hofa's world, which are necessary to create potions and to improve properties of fighting spheres and ammunition. where and what kind of resources can be found? I would advise you to read Library - topic "Drop".

visit the Library.

5. Tasks. Carry out tasks in «Tavern» and receive an award such as: gold, ammunitions, resources and experience.

6. Level. It's better to increase the fighting experience until 16 level in modes: Hunt,Vicinities,Arena of Death.

Find out more about modes of fight.

7. Dungeons. All experienced characters visit to Dungeons - «Adventures - Dungeons», - where dangerous adventures and mass of aggressive monsters expect them. The strong players receive ancient сoins which can be exchanged for an award at the Elder «Trade - Elder». - visit the Dungeons.

8. Pearl.If you want to facilitate the execution of a game process you can «Top up» in other words buy pearls. Pearls is unique and rare game currency , which helps to buy cool game advantages and exchange for gold(Top up - Exchange of pearls ) I advise you to take a look «Rarity shop», and use vip account, which will help to accelerate development of your character and will give you interesting game advantages.

If you have questions, At first look at «FAQ»,where you can find Frequently Asked Questions and answers .

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