Mode description:

At the «Territory mode» (Adventure - Territory) players are fighting for sectors which will bring bonuses or additional power to all members of a guild.

«Territory mode» has locations and sectors. Locations are a lot of areas in which there are several sectors that can bring bonus to guild if they are captured and hold.

In order to capture the sector some member of the guild would come to the right sector and press the «Attack sector», after that the timer will start preparations for the assault the sector. The guild whose sector is under attack gets news alerts at guild control and will be able to defend and repel the attack. After the battle sector will belong to the guild which will destroy all its enemies.

During assault of sector members of guilds will be able to interfere in a battle and help the brothers of a clan.

The player who died in battle would not be able to enter into the «Territory» for 15 minutes. Then, if the battle is still ongoing he can join it again.


To participate in this mode You must be a member of any clan.

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