Clan- a group of people who joined for group game and they have their chat and forum. Clan members can fight in the "Territories" where they fight with other clans for the capture of the sectors.The sectors give various bonuses to all clan members.

Why do you need a clan and what is pluses:

  • Society, the team with common purpose and gaming interests;
  • Opportunity to participate in "Territories", to fight against other clans. And you will have chance to receive ammunitions in the mode if you kill rivals .
  • Help for clan in the battles and adventures and support and prompt clan members about game questions
  • To make gunpowder in a powder grinder with help with saltpeter
  • You have possibility using things from a clan's secret place
  • If clan supervise sectors with fight bonuses, then character will receive them and become stronger.

The description of bonuses for the captured sectors:

Mines and constructions with gemstones. For retains of this sector give 3 measures issinit, lasurite or bagranit per hour.

Wasteland.Extraction of 5 measures of saltpeter in two hours.

Twilight fountain / spring-well. The poisonous mix of this fountain which is put on the weapon, poisons the opponent with probability of 10% for blow. The rival loses 1 piece of life for 1 sec., duration of poisoning of 30 seconds, each next blow with successful poisoning will update this counter. At retention of several sectors of this kind and chance of poisoning increases, as well as effect of poisoning. For retention of each such sector give 5 measures of saltpeter at two hours.

Anger source. Gives anger of elements. When doing the successful blow, all opponents lose 5 units of health. The effect of several sectors summarize. Each such sector gives 5 measures of saltpeter at two o'clock because of retention .

Life-giving fountain / source. Increases regeneration. The player starts restoring additional 1 unit of life in 2 seconds. when you retention several sectors regeneration speed increases too. Retention such sector gives 5 measures of saltpeter at two o'clock.

Reflecting fountain / source. Gives loss damage. Absorbs all loss from blow to the player with probability of 7%. If retention several sectors the probability of absorption increases. Retention each such sector give 5 measures of saltpeter at two hours.

How to join to clan?

To join to clan you should take 20th level of character, then go to menu «Clan» (Main - Clan)(Adventures- Clan), and then press on «Join» and choose one clan. Then the head of clan must accept your request.

Advice: If none of the selected clan does not give an answer to an application or refuses, go to the menu «Common chat» (Main - Communication - Common Chat ) and click on « Clan search [chat] » (the channel where players communicate on the topic of clans) there is always the players who engaged in advertising your clan for admission and requirements for players.

Clan’s researches.

Every clan can study researches which enable to use additional buildings in the mode of territorial wars. These facilities operate only in the territorial wars mode.

To study the new research is necessary to produce special resources lazurit, bagranit and issinit and make them into the Clan’s treasury. After that head of the clan will be able to explore new research and strengthen the clan.

Description of main researches:

Increases the maximum number of players in clan.

Secret place
Allows you to add ammunition, and to issue to the time of clan members.

Barrier gives the privilege of the party that protects the sector. While enemies are not torn down the barrier, they cannot damage the defenders. Barrier gives the defenders a bonus protection from certain elements while it is on the battlefield.

Damages the first enemy.

Gives additional protection from certain elements.

Damages first enemy siege weapons and building.

It allows Your guild to capture more sectors. Only for battles in territory mode.

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