if you want to start working, push «Craft» in menu.

In game there are some professions of Kraft, such as: the Miner,Fisher,Woodcutter,Bricklayer.It allows to get stones (issinit, lasurite, bagranit) or to get different resources which you can sell in the menu «Trade - Market place - Buyer-up ».

Before starting to work, it's necessary to select:

  1. profession
  2. time of work(than more time you work, there is a high probability to find resources of your profession)
  3. push the button «Craft»

It's important to know:

  • When you work it's impossible to take a part in fights .You can only communicate with other players in a game forum or chat.
  • During your Craft, some monsters can attack your work's place,while you won't kill them, your work will be stopped.
  • Craft's timer will be stopped if player to be offline (logout).
  • The more the work time choice, the is more chance to receive the best resources.
  • The chance to find resources depends on Craft's level, the it's above level the chances are higher.Also monsters have less chance to find a place of your work.
  • You can sell resources to the Buyer-up . It's found in the menu «Trade- Market place - Buyer-up».
  • You can look at exact chance and experience «Hero - Character - «craft experience».
  • If you need gold, you can always use game services «Trade - top up account»,in other words, you buy pearls and exchange it for gold, so you will economize a lot of time and you will be able to buy better ammunition and to use different game's advantages.
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