History of the mode:

"In olden times earths of Atlantis were always admirable composure but it isn't so at the present time. Nobody can tell from where the waves of monsters attack the Atlantes and Tectons cities whole days and nights. The governor ordered to wall up all besides the main exits from city and called on all who is able to keep weapons in their hands to stand on defense!" Outpost is the game mode when a group of heroes defensives the monsters attacks. In other words it's survival mode. There are 3 outposts in every city. You can know the current situation visiting them for a time. Check outposts as often as possible: enemies may attack absolutely unexpectedly. If You see that the battle is expected You can bravely join the defense of city and heroically to protect peaceful habitants, waiting approaching of hostile masses. Killed player leaves the "outpost" but can participate in the following.

Mode description:

In the «Outpost mode» (Adventures - Outpost) heroes must keep defenses against the various creatures and monsters that attack the city walls. As longer worth protecting than stronger the enemy attack. Mode ends when will stay three toughest hero who will receive the rewards.


Three heroic defensive players who survived receive gifts from grateful inhabitants in the form of chests. To get the reward You'd pass at least 12 waves of monsters attacks. In chests a player can find resources, gold and even pearl.

Also winners receive +10 to rank in the battle process. For every killing of monster You may find fangs and incense.


To participate in the outposts defense can only experienced players who have reached the 5th grade.

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