Repair of the ammunition

Description of durability:

Each ammunition has its own durability, for example:

item hammer, durability: 0 / 25, where

0 - first number of the minimum durability of the item

(if 0, the item is not broken at all, if the figure rises above 0 it means the item is broken, and soon it will be needed for repairing.

25 - the second number is the maximum durability of the item.

Repair of the ammunition:

To make a repair of ammunition go to the menu «Character» (Hero - Character), then click the "equipment". If some of ammunition is needed to repair then it will appear button «repair» near the item and the cost of repair. The second variant of ammunition repairing is faster. It's necessary to sign in menu «Character» (Hero-Character), and it is simple to push the button to «repair», after it all items which are put on will be repaired. Note, for each repair of ammunition the thing loses 1 unit of maximum durability, as a result in a while thing becomes not suitable in order to put it on.

What to do when the item becomes completely broken:

Item, which become completely broken is no longer fit to be put on. But the item is always possible to completely recover from the menu «Smith» (Trade - Smith), the button «repair the ammunition». This feature is the premium service and only possible for pearls.

Advice: It's better to repair each item separately and when the limit of minimum durability reaches the maximum.

Advice: When purchase items on auction always look at the maximum durability of an item.

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