New Year's Yggdrasil Tree

Yggdrasil Tree is the New Year's event, offering you grow up and decorate the holiday tree. Fertilizers, increasing its height, and decorations You can get for the smashing any enemy .

You receive for the player: 1 fertilizer,
for pets and monsters: 1 decoration.
There is no drop:
- vicinities
- fights of pets
- for murder of simple hunt's monsters (except bosses)
- for murder of simple dungeons's monsters(except bosses)

Owners of the finest trees will be awarded by gold,and the first 5 best trees - pearls!

The prizes:

1. Reward: ж135

2. Reward: ж125

3. Reward: ж85

4. Reward: ж75

5. Reward: ж40

All participants who grew the Tree to state of seedling at least get symbolic rewards in the form of gold

Rewards for participants:

sprout - no award.

seedling - з50

young tree - з100

Yggdrasil - з250

Great Yggdrasil - з500

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