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About Mode.

This gaming mode allows a group of heroes to go hiking together: players must get to the main boss in the campaign, passing through a maze filled with monsters and get particular rewarding currency in the final.

Every dungeon has three levels of complexity: simple, medium and hard.

The higher the level of complexity in a campaign the stronger enemies will be there and the more courage it requires . But in this case the reward is much higher.

It's important to know:

  • group for the campaign should be a minimum of two heroes;
  • inside the campaign You can't leave the sector if there's the enemy still there;
  • if a player leaves the campaign, he can not return and spent courage is not compensated.


It's the parameter of a player who is required in order to go hiking. The highest level of courage is 10 for each hero. Courage is restored independently: 1 unit per 2 hours.


The main reward is ancient coins in such campaigns. You can exchange coins for valuable items in Elder in "Trade" department.

The reward is distributed among the players according to the rules of a group leader:

  • sum of damage: the reward is for the hero who made the max enemies damage for the entire campaign;
  • leader gets: the whole reward at the end of the campaign goes to the leader of the group;
  • draw - the distribution of rewards system decides between all participants of a campaign.

Additional reward in the form of gold and resources will be realized with the introduction of new campaigns.


Elder - the experienced jeweler and had seen much, who gladly exchange coins for different things of the great heroes and jewelry.

You can get from Elder next:

  • the legendary ammunition
  • gemstones for inlay
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