Market place

Market place - allows players to make trading operations with ammunition and resources.:

  • Auction - purchase or sale of armor(ammunition)for heroes and pets.
  • Market - purchase sale of resources.
  • Market place - meal and toys for pets.
  • Buyer - fast sale of resources extracted in a "work" mode

Auction possibilities

You have a possibility to expose two types of a lot withammunition) on auction.

  • Usual lot is an anonymous lot at which you specify the initial, redemption price and choose term of the auctions. After lot exhibiting, other players stake or redeem your lot at once. You do not know who exactly has bought your lot. If the lot has not been redeemed by the time you specified, auction will return your lot with the message on mail.
  • Personal lot: in some cases you may required to sell ammunition to the particular player. In that case you can use this type of a lot but you should pay the commission in pearls. In case when the buyer has not redeemed a lot for 48 hours auction will return your lot and the commission to you on mail.

Auction taxes

    Usual lot
  • Commission is raised at once from the recommended price of a lot depending on time 8 hours - 1%, 24 hours - 2%, 48 hours - 3%
  • Tax of 5 % is raised from a cost of lot in case of the successful transaction.

    Personal lot
  • Commission for lot exhibiting: 10 % from the price of an exposed lot in pearls..
  • Tax of 5 % is raised from cost of lot in case of the successful transaction.
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