Pets -the loyal friend and the colleague of each hero who always will help with fights and adventures. At each pet since a birth the spontaneous damage and as some unique abilities which will help you to destroy the enemies is congenital. The pet not cheap pleasure, behind it constantly it is necessary to watch and look after, buy food, and also to please with its various toys.

All actions (purchase, evolution, a food and т.д) occur in the menu «Tamer» (Trade - Tamer).


Each pet has two unique key parametres : satiety and joy.

Satiety - at each pet, depending on the level of evolution, falls gradually, after a while it reaches to 0 and the pet relapse in coma. To restore satiety level it is necessary to buy meal from the Tamer for the pet..

Coma - if not to feed the pet and its satiety becomes equal 0, the pet will run into a coma. To help your pet get out of coma you should buy a quite expensive drug injection. The pet in a clod can be eternal and does not vanish anywhere. The pet get out of coma it is necessary to come to the Tamer, then into the section «Withdraw from coma». The cost of the injection depends from level of evolution of the pet (~з300 gold)

Food - each pet wants to eat since the birth. To get a food it is possible at the Tamer in section «Food». The above level of the pet, the is more requirement at it to a food. As there are pets who want to eat the most expensive food exclusively. Without dependence from that in game you or not, the pet always wants to eat, and satiety at it falls. Be vigilant and don't forget to feed the pets.

Joy - the pet should be always strong and happy, for this purpose it is necessary to support its joy. Its speed of attack depends on joy of the pet in fight. To lift joy of the pets it is necessary for it to buy toys and to give them to it, unfortunately after games with them from toys remains nothing.

Evolution of the pet.

Each evolution of the pet has a limit of a maximum level which cannot be passed there will not be passed yet level of evolution of the pet at the Tamer.

Each pet has 3 levels of the evolution, the first initial and two of which it is necessary to reach and improve. To raise evolution level it is impossible while the pet will not reach the maximum fighting level for the current level of evolution. . At each new level of evolution the pet receives: new ability, the pet becomes faster and receives 1 additional fighting level.

- 1 level of evolution - a maximum level 10.

- 2 level of evolution - a maximum level 20.

- 3 level of evolution - a maximum level 31.

But be attentive, than above level of evolution and fighting level of the pet that::

а) Satiety decreases - the pet much more faster and is more often wants to eat.

Б) More consumes pleasures for fight - the pet to become more aggressively and control becomes complicated.


Each player can contain no more than 3 pets. In fight it is possible to take only one pet.That the pet battled in fight, it is necessary to come into the menu "Pets", to choose the necessary pet and to press the button «to call the pet». After that the status of the pet becomes "active" and it will battle in fight together with the owner.


Each pet has fighting abilities, the quantity of abilities depends on level of evolution of the pet. Everyone in fight works abilities each 30 seconds, the success depends on chance of operation of ability. To look at chance of operation of ability it is possible in the detailed information of ability - the menu "Pet", then to choose the necessary pupil and to press "the ability" button.


As well as the hero, and on the pet it is possible to dress. The pet has a possibility to carry such ammunition as the reservation and a collar. The ammunition of the pet too breaks, as well as any other ammunition in game and it it is necessary to repair. At the smith it is possible to captivate the reservation and a collar that will make ammunition of the pupil more strongly.

Drive away pet.

If for any reasons you do not cope with the pupil or it simply is not become necessary to you, it can be banish.For this purpose to banish, it is necessary to come into the necessary pet and to press the button to «Drive away»,after that the pet will be gone. If you banish the pet it will be gone on always and will return it not probably as also ammunition which will be on it.

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